Shorin Ryu Karate.

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UW Shorin-Ryu Karate is a club sport that has been teaching students martial arts skills since 1972. Currently we have several Senseis (teachers), many of whom are students and staff at the university. Students in this class come from all walks of life, sharing the common desire to study a martial art. The ultimate goals of this dojo are to teach personal self-protection skills, share the rich history of the Shorin-Ryu martial arts, and to create a learning environment for self-mastery.

During an average class, students practice a wide variety of techniques through drills and kata. The level of activity you may expect is that of an average basketball game. We utilize individual drills, partner drills, and group drills. Sometimes we engage in light to moderate contact.

Contact Info

Erik Aiken
(715) 321-0918

Vera Cardoso Ferreria

Vice President
Mark Lehnowsky