What are you capable of?

Discover what your body can do in our Performance Training Center, designed to accommodate functional, Olympic, personal, and small group training.


Open Rec. 

Experience the Performance Training Center.

All Rec Sports members have access to the Performance Training Center during designated "Experience PTC" hours (see schedule above). 


Experience PTC

Work out in the Performance Training Center during our open "Experience PTC" times. While the facility is still monitored by Rec Sports staff for your safety, you have the freedom to design and perform your own workout during this time. Participants are allowed to use all equipment except the platforms.

Students and Affiliates: FREE

Designed for:

  • Participants interested in a non-traditional workout experience


  • None


  • Supervision of all bays by Rec Sports staff
  • Access to the following equipment:
    • Rig (squat racks and monkey bars)
    • Climbing
    • Turf
    • TRX
    • and more!

Test-Out Process.

Become eligible to use the Olympic weightlifting platforms.

Participants wishing to perform Olympic lifts on the platforms must demonstrate safe form in our test-out process, consisting of two phases.

Walk-in testing is available whenever the PTC is open for Olympic lifting.

Olympic Lifting Test-Out

Programs & Classes. 

Maximize your PTC experience.


Introduction to Olympic Weightlifting

Learn the basic body positions, movement patterns, and lifts of Olympic weightlifting. Participants will progress from using just the barbell to adding weight plates. This class's objective is to develop a solid foundation for safe Olympic weightlifting practices.

Student: $39 | Affiliate: $49

Designed for:

  • Participants with little to no experience in Olympic weightlifting who are interested in learning proper technique and safe form.

Course Components:

  • 90 minutes of instruction
  • Proper warm-up technique for Olympic weightlifting
  • Safety cues and technique instruction
  • Practice of the following lifts: snatch, clean, jerk, overhead squat, and more
  • Course includes a test-out to earn a free Platform Pass in the Nat PTC
Currently unavailable.

Sport Clubs: Team Performance Training.

Improve your performance with classes designed specifically for members of the Sport Clubs program.

 The program is designed to help Sport Clubs members improve their strength, endurance, agility, and more. Take your game to the next level with fitness instruction provided by our USA Weightlifting coaches and personal trainers.

 Team Performance Training

Team Performance Training

All Athletes: $5

Designed for:

  • Teams looking to take their performance to the next level.
  • Athletes with an elevated competitive focus that want to see their hard work translate to the field of play.


  • Must be an active member of a Sport Club currently registered with Rec Sports

Class Components:

  • All training takes place in our state-of-the-art Performance Training Center.
  • Performance training specific to the team's goals and on-the-field movements.
  • Use of speciality equipment including battle ropes, climbing ropes, kettle bells, tire, resistance bands, and more.


For your safety and those of others using the Performance Training Center, we appreciate your compliance with the following policies. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in suspension from platform privileges and possible expulsion from the facility.


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