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Nielsen Tennis Stadium

1000 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

(608) 262-0410

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We serve up a variety of options for tennis pros and beginners alike.

Whether you’re looking to learn the basics or already an ace, our experienced instructors will work with you in group and individual settings. Try your hand at a class or meet your future tennis partner. If you just need some space to play, we’ve got that too.


Summer Hours

May 13 – August 31
Monday – Friday  6:15am – 8:45pm
 Saturday – Sunday CLOSED

Adjusted Hours

Memorial Day
Monday, May 27  CLOSED
Independence Day
Thursday, July 24  CLOSED

Spring Tournaments

January 25 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. DePaul
January 25 Wisconsin Women’s Tennis vs. Nebraska-Omaha & Illinois-Chicago
January 26 Women’s Tennis: Illinois-Chicago vs. Colorado State
January 27 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. Northern Illinois
January 27 Wisconsin Women’s Tennis vs. Colorado State
January 30 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. Chicago State
February 1 Wisconsin Women’s Tennis vs. Marquette
February 2 Wisconsin Women’s Tennis vs. Northern Illinois & Iowa State
February 9 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. Oklahoma State
February 10 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. Washington
February 14 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. Marquette
February 15 – 17 USTA Campus Championships – Midwest
February 21 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. Green Bay
February 22 Wisconsin Women’s Tennis vs. Utah
February 23 Women’s Tennis: Minnesota vs. Utah
February 24 Wisconsin Women’s Tennis vs. Minnesota
February 24 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. Oregon
March 1 – 3 UW Tennis Club Graham Slam Tournament
March 8 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. Nebraska
March 10 Wisconsin Men’s Tennis vs. Minnesota
March 24 Wisconsin Women’s Tennis vs. Purdue
March 29 – 30 Madison/Milwaukee High School Tennis Tournament


All Rec Sports Affiliate Members receive reduced court rates at Nielsen Tennis Stadium. The Affiliate Dependent Membership is open to anyone under 18 years of age who is a dependent of a Rec Sports Affiliate Member or current UW Student.

Affiliate Dependent Membership Options

12-month $50
8-month $38
4-month $20
1-month $6

Rec Sports Community Members can play tennis at the Guest rate.

Membership Details

  • Affiliate Dependent Memberships need to be purchased and renewed in person at Nielsen Tennis Stadium. Parent/guardian (who is a Rec Sports Affiliate Member or UW Student) must be present for purchase and renewal of Affiliate Dependent Membership.
  • Proof of guardianship or residency must be provided at time of purchase and renewal of membership. This can include birth certificate or proof that child still resides with the parent/guardian.
  • The Affiliate Dependent Member’s parent/guardian must have a current Rec Sports Affiliate Membership (must be eligible as UW Faculty/Staff, UW Emeritus/Retired, UW Alumni, UW Hospital Staff, or Spouse/Domestic Partner of any of these) or current UW Student status.


Equipment Rental & Hourly Court Fees

  • Indoor Tennis

    Reserve courts online

    Singles Doubles
    UW Students $6 $3
    Affiliate/Dependent Members $10 $5
    Guests $20 $10

    Discounted Courts

    Monday-Thursday from 10:30am-1:30pm (start times)

    Singles Doubles
    UW Students $4  $3
    Affiliate/Dependent Members  $6 $4
    Guests $11 $6
  • Squash
    UW Students $3
    Affiliate/Dependent Members $4
    Guests $8
  • Equipment Rental & Services
    Rates are per use for each rental below
    Tennis Ball Machine $12
    Demo Tennis racquets  $2 
    Demo Squash racquets  $2 
    Rental Tennis racquets  $1
    Rental Squash racquets $2
    Racquet restringing Cost varies. Click for details.


In order to be good stewards of our resources, Nielsen Tennis Stadium may close early depending on the court reservation schedule. Please contact Nielsen Tennis Stadium at (608) 262-0410 to confirm closing times and availability prior to arriving for a walk-in court reservation.

  • Reserving a court for indoor tennis

    There are three ways to reserve courts for indoor tennis: 

    • Reserve online using Court Reserve, our new online system! Here’s how:
      • Visit our homepage on Court Reserve
      • Click “Create account” button on the top left
      • Create your account
      • Our staff will approve your account within two business days, and you’ll receive a notification email once your approved (in the meantime, please call us at (608) 262-0410 to reserve a court)
      • How to reserve courts on CourtReserve
    • Call Nielsen Tennis Stadium at (608) 262-0410
    • Visit the Member Services desk at Nielsen Tennis Stadium to reserve in-person

    **To reserve a ball machine during your court time, please call Nielsen Tennis Stadium at (608) 262-0410. This can be done after making an online reservation. Ball machine availability is limited; it is recommended to reserve before your court time.

  • Reserving a court for squash
    • Call Nielsen Tennis Stadium at (608) 262-0410 or visit the front desk
    • Reservations can be made starting at 7:45am each morning
    • Reservations will be honored in the order received
    • Each person must make his or her own reservation
  • Reservation policies
    • Court fees must be paid at Nielsen Tennis Stadium prior to playing (see pricing under Equipment Rental & Hourly Court Fees)
    • Courts can be reserved online up to 2 hours before the court time; last minute reservations must be made over the phone or in-person at Nielsen Tennis Stadium
    • Reservations can be made starting at 7:45am each morning (online and over the phone)
    • Each person must make their own reservation
    • Current UW-Madison students and Rec Sports Affiliate Members may make a reservation THREE DAYS in advance (example: call or go online on Monday to reserve for Thursday)
    • Guests and non-Rec Sports Affiliate Members may make a reservation ONE DAY in advance
    • Players can make one court reservation per day
  • Cancellation policy
    • Court reservations and cancellation fees are the responsibility of the person who booked the court reservation
    • Players can cancel a reservation with no penalty up to two hours in advance of their reservation time
    • Players with “no shows” and “late cancellations” will be billed a cancellation fee of $12 which, once billed & emailed to the player, must be paid before making a reservation and/or playing again
    • How to cancel court reservations on CourtReserve


Group lessons are designed for groups of 4 people ranging from beginners to advanced intermediate level players. Lessons are for one hour and 15 minutes and run for four weeks.


Introduce yourself to tennis and learn the basics of the game.

UW Students: $45
Affiliate/Dependent Members: $70
Guests: $95

  • Learn more

    Designed for:

    • Players with little to no tennis experience


    • None

    Class Components:

    • Groundstrokes
    • Volleys
    • Serves
    • Learn scoring
    • Court positioning

Advanced Beginner

Gain play experience and develop strokes.

UW Students: $45
Affiliate/Dependent Members: $70
Guests: $95

  • Learn more

    Designed for:

    • Players with some tennis background


    • Basic beginner strokes

    Class Components:

    • Advance and develop stroke
    • Focus on control and playing strategy


Expand upon your skills and take more control in your tennis game.

UW Students: $45
Affiliate/Dependent Members: $70
Guests: $95

  • Learn more

    Designed for:

    • Those looking to gain more consistency and control of shots


    • Comfortable with basic strokes
    • Knowledge of rules and scoring

    Class Components:

    • Learn specific shots for different situations
Tennis - Advanced Intermediate lessons

Advanced Intermediate

Refine weak points and continue to develop skills and strategy.

UW Students: $45
Affiliate/Dependent Members: $70
Guests: $95

  • Learn more

    Designed for:

    • Those who are frequent tennis players


    • Master of strokes
    • Can control depth and power

    Class Components:

    • Incorporate offensive action and reactions
Tennis - Private and Semi-Private lessons

Private & Semi Private Lessons

Meet with an certified instructor in groups of 1 – 4 people.

Private/Semi-Private Private 2 people 3 people 4 people
UW Students $40 $25 $20 $15
Affiliate/Dependent Members $60 $35 $25 $20
Guests $70 $40 $30 $25

To schedule a private or semi private lesson, please call the Nielsen Tennis Stadium directly at (608) 262-0410 or click the button below.

  • Learn more

    Designed for:

    • All levels of experience are welcome


    • None

    Class Components:

    • Personalized for each lesson


It’s more fun when you don’t have to play by yourself.

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