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Leadership, teamwork, service, skill development, competition and Badger Pride.

We support over 40 different sport clubs―student-run organizations that practice and compete at the local, regional, national, and international level. Although each club varies in its level of competition and commitment requirements, each offers an opportunity to represent the University of Wisconsin-Madison as part of a team.

Join or Find a Club

Sport Clubs offer opportunities to compete in a sport you love or to learn a sport that’s completely new. Contact a club directly to learn more about practice schedules, tryouts, competition requirements, and how to get involved.

Form a new club

Love a sport but don’t see it offered? If we don’t already have it, you can start it. Use the following resources to get you started or contact our Competitive Sports staff for assistance.

Registered Student Organization (RSO) vs. Sport Club
New Sport Club Requirements
Petition Process


  • How do I join a sport club?

    Each sport club establishes its own membership requirements, dues and club activities. All programs are available to UW students, faculty and staff. Contact a club directly for specific membership information.

  • Do I have to be an experienced athlete to join a club?

    No. Most of our sport clubs are open to all levels of competition and participation and often offer various teams based on involvement and skill. Some clubs may have competitive traveling teams in addition to practice teams.

  • Can a member of a sport club/varsity team play on an Intramural Sports team?

    A maximum of two sport club members may participate in the corresponding intramural sport. For example, no more than two members of the Women’s Club Soccer team may play on the same intramural soccer team. However, there is no limit to the number of Women’s Club Soccer members who may play on the same intramural Ultimate Frisbee team.

    Varsity athletes should contact their coaches regarding participation in the Sport Club or Intramural Sports program.

  • How competitive are sport clubs?

    UW sport clubs compete at the regional, national, and international level. Many of our clubs are ranked nationally each year.

  • Do I have to have my own equipment to join a club?

    Equipment requirements vary by club. Some clubs may have equipment available while other clubs may require you to supply your own. Contact a club officer directly or visit the club website for more information.

  • What does it cost to join a club?

    Club fees vary by club, although many clubs participate in fundraising activities to help offset some expenses, such as travel. Contact a club officer directly or visit the club website for more information.

  • How are clubs funded?

    Sport clubs receive funding from membership fees, fundraising and gifts, as well as through an allocation process determined by the Sport Club Executive Board. The Sport Club program also received a generous anonymous endowment to cover certain sport club expenses.

  • Do I have to travel with the Club?

    Travel requirements vary by club. Many clubs travel to compete against other colleges at the regional, national, and international level. Contact a club officer directly or check the club website for more information.

Athletic Training


Our athletic trainers ensure that our more than 2,100 Sport Club athletes are safely performing at the highest level. ­­With three convenient clinic locations around campus and flexible hours, our athletic trainers help with injury evaluation, post-injury rehabilitation, sports medicine education, and more.

  • How to schedule an appointment

    1. Go to
    2. Login using your NetID
    3. Select the box on the left titled: “Appointments”
    4. Click “Schedule an appointment”
    5. Select “Athletic Trainer.” DO NOT SELECT “Lakeshore Clinic”
    6. Select “Sport Clubs After Hours Athletic Training at Lakeshore Clinic”
    7. Select “Schedule at Lakeshore Athletic Training Clinic”
    8. Select desired appointment time. Appointments within one hour of booking may be available but will not be shown online. If you would like to be seen within an hour, it is recommended to call the clinic at (608) 263-7977.

  • When you should stop by the clinic

    Cuts and lacerations that don’t need stitches (or you’re not sure), strains and sprains, concussion, suspected fractures that do not require immediate care, preventative taping/bracing/padding. If you’re unsure, call the clinic during operating hours: (608) 263-7977.

Leadership Opportunities

Gain valuable leadership experience and help shape the future of the Sport Clubs program.

  • Become a Club Officer

    Club officers play a vital role in the administration and success of Sport Clubs. Officers are elected to lead their club in a variety of officer positions, including president, treasurer, secretary, recruiting chair, travel coordinator and safety officer to name a few. These positions provide valuable leadership opportunities and transferable skills that participating Badgers can use not only to make their clubs successful on and off the field, but to make an impact in the world at large.

  • Attend Sport Club meetings

    The Sport Clubs Council is a monthly meeting attended by a representative from each Sport Club. These representatives are a sounding board for club members to advocate for change and progress within the Sport Clubs program. The Council votes on club-wide issues, new club petitions and also gains valuable tips and strategies to utilize within their own clubs. The Council is an excellent way for new officers to have input and learn more about the program as a whole.

  • Serve on the Sport Clubs Executive Board

    The Executive Board is comprised of 9 elected student representatives to serve the Sport Clubs program. Eight club representatives and one Competitive Sports representative are the voice of all clubs on important issues such as discipline, policy change, new club petitions, funding allocations and special requests. The Executive Board provides a great opportunity for student leaders to learn about governance, conflict resolution, problem solving, fiscal responsibility and budgeting. The Board plays a vital role in allowing the Sport Clubs program to be a program of the students, for the students, by the students.

Support a club

Help students pursue their passions outside of the classroom.

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  • Learn more

    Sport clubs are registered student organizations that allow students to participate and compete in sports they love. Of the 2,000+ students actively involved in the Sport Clubs program each year, many choose to continue playing a sport they enjoyed in high school, while others take the opportunity to learn a new skill or sport. Our clubs proudly represent the University of Wisconsin-Madison at the regional, national, and international level.

    In addition to providing opportunities for competition, the Sport clubs program also emphasizes leadership, teamwork, skill development, and service. On average, our clubs log over 600 services hours per year.

    A gift to the Sport Club program allows students to continue pursuing their passions outside the classroom. Your contribution offers financial support for sport club operations, equipment, travel, lodging, competition fees, and uniforms so that team members can proudly represent the University of Wisconsin.

    On behalf of our students, we thank you for considering our Sport clubs in your giving and for improving the Wisconsin Experience for one program, one club, one Badger at a time.