Pond Hockey.


Whether you’ve never stood on a frozen lake before or you were practically born on ice, pond hockey seems to have a certain allure to most people. Whether it’s due to the simplicity of the game, its modest beginnings, or maybe its deep connection to nature, pond hockey evokes primal emotions that are unparalleled in other sports.


For years before the event’s eventual inception, PJ Connolly, the tournament’s founder and namesake, and many others like him, had expressed their desire for an outdoor hockey tournament. In his senior year, PJ decided to do something about all those unanswered calls with the help of his position at the Division of Competitive Sports. Between meetings with the event cosponsors, Josiah Zanghi and Wisconsin Hoofers, planning every detail of the tournament, and then physically creating the rinks and the event, PJ’s hard work all came together to create the first annual Connolly Classic on February 8th and February 9th of 2014.

Dropping the Puck


Year after year, the tournament continues to grow in to the grand vision that PJ Connolly and Josiah Zanghi once had for it. The 2016 Connolly Classic saw 15 teams in 5 different “divisions” each complete their own round robin play, all leading up to an inter-division playoff bracket with one winner crowned at the end.