Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership

Faculty/Staff, Emeritus/Retired, UW Hospital Staff, Alumni, and Spouse/Domestic Partners.

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Membership Options

Monthly Recurring* $21/month
12-month $238
4-month $94
1-month $30
Single Entry $7
1-week membership trial
(details below)

Memberships can be renewed up to 30 days prior to current membership expiration date.

*For more information about our Monthly Recurring membership option, please click here.

Free Trial

  • See tabs to the right based on your affiliation.
  • Try our facilities and Group Fitness classes for one week for FREE
  • Stop by any Member Services Office to sign up
  • Individual is ineligible for Free Trial Week if held any prior Rec Sports Membership, or UW student status, within the past 5 years

Member Benefits & Services

As a member, you have access to the following:

  • Unlimited access to four facilities
  • Cardiovascular & strength training equipment
  • Recreational swimming pool
  • Gyms (basketball, volleyball, racquetball & badminton)
  • Indoor track
  • Sponsor up to three guests per day
  • Various fitness and instructional programs

Services Offered

  • Locker use
  • Towel service
  • Equipment rental
  • Merchandise for purchase

Membership Eligibility Requirements

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UW-Madison alumni are eligible to purchase a Rec Sports Affiliate membership with proof of graduation*. This can be provided using any of the following forms:

How to purchase a Rec Sports membership:

Bring a photo ID with birthdate and one of the above forms of proof to any Rec Sports Member Services office. If you still have a valid Wiscard, please bring that to reactivate upon purchasing your membership. If you do not have a Wiscard, a Rec Sports ID card will be issued to you.

Payment can be made with cash, check, or credit card.

*Providing proof of graduation will only be needed at initial membership purchase.


UW-Madison retirees & emeritus faculty can continue and/or begin a membership with Rec Sports as an Affiliate. In order to gain appropriate status with Rec Sports for this membership, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Contact your Human Resources department and have them send a request to to change your status to retired/emeritus.
  2. If you are continuing a Faculty/Staff Membership after retirement, please contact after Step #1 is complete so we can check your status & update your membership type accordingly.
  3. If you are not continuing a current membership, once your status is updated in our system as Emeritus/Retired eligibility, you will be eligible to purchase a Rec Sports Membership. You can have us check your status by emailing


UW-Madison Faculty/Staff members are eligible for an Affiliate membership. Faculty/Staff member must obtain Wiscard one day prior to purchasing membership and using facilities.

Spouse & Domestic Partner

Spouse and domestic partners of UW-Madison students, faculty and staff, UW Hospital employees, and alumni are eligible to purchase a Rec Sports membership with proof of relationship. These memberships can be purchased independently of the affiliated spouse or domestic partner.

How to purchase a Rec Sports membership: 
Stop in any of our Member Services Offices with proof of relationship along with both the sponsor affiliate and the spouse or domestic partner

  • Option 1: marriage certificate/license or two forms of documentation proving marriage
  • Option 2: UW-Madison Declaration of Domestic Partnership Form + two forms of documentation proving relationship
    Acceptable documentation:

    • Domestic Partnership agreement, including, but not limited to, legal registration of the domestic partner relationship with a local, state, federal, or foreign government
    • Joint mortgage, lease, or title; or currently share the same residence and intend to do so indefinitely
    • Designation of domestic partner or spouse as beneficiary for life insurance or retirement contract
    • Durable property or healthcare powers of attorney
    • Joint ownership or motor vehicle, joint checking account, or joint credit account

UW Hospital

  • UW Hospital employees must obtain a Wiscard at least one day prior to purchasing a Rec Sports Membership.
  • UW Medical Foundation employees are not eligible for an Affiliate Membership at this time.