Students first asked us to consider a Master Plan for new recreational facilities in Spring 2012. With overcrowded and outdated buildings that do not serve campus demand and that are far behind the national standard for fitness space, the current facilities do to meet the needs of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In a March 2014 referendum to the student government ballot, students voted in favor of the Rec Sports Master Plan for new recreational facilities. A record-breaking 87% of students who voted demonstrated their support for the project, which includes new construction of two buildings (the SERF and Natatorium) and two outdoor fields (Near West and Near East).

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is consistently ranked as one of the world's leading academic and research institutions. New facilities will help extend our university's world-class reputation from the classroom to the overall campus experience. We are not only creating larger spaces that will meet demand. We are creating opportunities for Badgers to play hard, get fit, and live well so that they can be more effective students, professionals, and contributors to society. On, Wisconsin!

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Architect Final Report.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rec Sports, and Milwaukee architecture firm Kahler Slater collaborated to create a comprehensive evaluation of the campus's current recreational facilities and their ability to serve the university's health and wellness needs.

This report summarizes the findings of the feasibility study performed by Kahler Slater and the recommendations that were presented to the University in Spring 2014.


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Your contribution to the Rec Sports Master Plan for new recreational facilities reflects your commitment to improving the Wisconsin Experience for students, faculty/staff, and the greater Madison community.

The donation you make today will help provide more opportunities for students to stay active, balanced, and connected to campus. Thank you for your generous support and for your vision of an even better University of Wisconsin.

Education isn't just about the mind. It's about figuring out how to live one's life as an effective and productive person, and that means integrating both the mind and the body. —Chancellor Rebecca Blank on the value of campus recreation.