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Reservations & Rentals

Court Reservations

Looking to reserve a court for volleyball, racquetball or badminton? Members may reserve a court for small groups at the Nat at no charge. Simply call our Towel Room at the Nat to guarantee your spot. Reservations are available for one-hour time slots and may be made up to three days in advance.

Contact Information

  • Nat: (608) 262-3790
  • Nielsen Tennis Stadium: (608) 262-0410 *

*Visit our Tennis page for more details about this process.

Space & Equipment Rentals


Stay active and have fun with your friends, residence hall, Greek house, student org, campus department, or community group. Take advantage of the variety of resources Rec Sports offers for rental and reservation.

Please read through the Rental Policies and fill out the special events form to start the reservation process. Questions about special events and reservations can be sent to

List of Available Rentals

  • Gyms (volleyball, basketball, badminton, floor hockey, etc.)
  • Outdoor spaces (soccer, softball, flag football, ultimate frisbee, sand volleyball, tennis, etc.)
  • Multipurpose studios
  • Pool
  • Group Fitness instructors for private classes (off-site or in our facilities)
  • Sport and fitness equipment
  • Ice rink
  • Indoor tennis
  • And more!

Rental Process


Step 1: Submit the online Special Event Request Form.

  • RSOs or university departments: Submit the request form at least two weeks prior to the date of the event
  • Non-university affiliated organizations: Submit the request form at least four weeks prior to the date of the event

Step 2: You may be contacted by the Scheduling & Special Events team to discuss details and logistics.

Step 3: Our team will compile the information and create a confirmation contract. The confirmation will be emailed to you to review, sign, and return.The event is officially scheduled when the following conditions are met:

  • The cost estimate is accepted by the requesting party
  • Confirmation Contract is signed and returned no later than one week prior to event
  • If applicable, groups will also need to provide a certificate of insurance and/or sign a Vending Agreement

Step 4: After the event has occurred, our team will send an invoice. The account must be settled within 30 days. Specific instructions will be provided at that time.


  • Who can make a special event reservation rental?

    Registered student organizations (RSOs), University Departments, and non-University affiliated organizations can make reservation requests.

  • How do I make a special event reservation or rental?

    Refer to the rental process above.

  • What facilities can I reserve for a special event?

    In general, reservation requests can be made for the Nat, Shell, Nielsen Tennis Stadium, Near West Fields, the University Bay Fields, Near East Fields, and Cole Volleyball & Tennis Courts.

  • When can I hold a special event?

    Special events usually take place between Friday and Sunday.  The gyms are only available during these times.  In some cases, depending on the room requested, special events may be held during the week.

  • How far in advance do I need to submit a Special Event Request Form?
    • RSOs or university departments: Submit the request form at least two weeks prior to the date of the event.
    • Non-university affiliated organizations: Submit the request form at least four weeks prior to the date of the event.
  • Can community members participate in my special event?

    People who are not students or affiliated with UW-Madison can only participate in special events if the reserving group has secured the proper special event insurance from Risk Management.

  • Can I hold a fundraiser?

    Yes.  The type of fundraiser determines a few other things.

    • If the event is to strictly raise money for a charity and/or to cover the cost of the reservation, the reservation is straightforward and no complications arise.
    • If the event is to raise money for the profit of the group, special event insurance is required and Rec Sports reserves the right veto the event or assume a percentage of the profit.
  • Am I required to have insurance?

    Yes. Please refer to the insurance requirements below.

    1. Are you a Registered Student Organization (RSO) or University Department?
      • YES: proceed to #2.
      • NO: proceed to #4.
    2. Are you charging any money for the event for any reason beside fundraising for a charity or covering the reservation cost?
      • YES: you must provide a certificate of insurance. Proceed to #5 and see criteria under #6.
      • NO: proceed to #3.
    3. Will you have any spectators or non-University affiliated participants at the event?
      • YES: you must provide a certificate of insurance. Proceed to #5 and see criteria under #6.
      • NO: you will only need to have each participant sign their own waiver.Waivers will be sent to you by our Special Events staff once you’ve submitted your reservation request.
    4. Are you a non-University affiliated (third party) organization wishing to rent the facilities?
      • YES: you must provide a certificate of insurance. Proceed to #5 and see criteria under #6.
      • NO: you may be unable to rent facility space. Please contact if you have questions.
    5. Special Event Insurance – Does your RSO, Department, or Organization have insurance?
      • YES: please contact Debbie Beich at (608) 262-8926 or to provide Risk Management with a certificate of insurance.
      • NO: do you have insurance at the National Office level for your organization? You may purchase Special Event Insurance on your own; however, it must meet the criteria stated under #6 and a copy must be provided to Debbie Beich via fax at (608) 262-9082 or email at
    6. Insurance Requirements
      • Commercial General Liability*: $2,000,000 Each Occurrence/Aggregate
      • Worker’s Compensation: Statutory

    *The following Additional Insured language applies to this coverage and must be shown on the certificate of insurance: The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, its officers, agents and employees.

    The Certificate Holder should read:

    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Attn: Risk Management
    21 North Park Street, Suite 5301
    Madison, WI 53715