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The techniques of Aikido are circular in nature, and are not designed to stop attacks or to conflict with them. Instead, aggressive motions are converted into circular movements that render attackers helpless. Aikido techniques allow the attacker's movements to continue and complete themselves naturally, so that the attack is diverted and redirected harmlessly. The Aikidoist is trained not to cripple, but to apply various wrist and joint locks, pins, and unbalancing throws to neutralize aggressors without serious injury to either the aggressor or the Aikidoist. The movements are like the motions of a sphere which rolls effortlessly along, joining mind and body.

All are welcome. Aikido can be practiced by both men and women, regardless of age or size. The techniques are based on movement rather than strength, and there is no competition. Aikido is a practical self-defense and helps to develop balance, coordination, concentration, and conditioning. Visit the Aikido web site.

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