Engagement, Inclusion, & Diversity

Inclusion & Diversity Statement

The Division of Recreational Sports strives to offer opportunities for all people to exchange ideas, share experiences, and achieve personal fulfillment. This pursuit of wellness is a right afforded to everyone, regardless of identity or ability. We have a collective responsibility to foster a culture of mutual respect, courteous interactions, and equal opportunities. Through our programs, services, facilities, and staff, we are committed to cultivating and upholding an inclusive environment in which we celebrate the differences of every member of our community.

Human Capital Values

We are committed to face-to-face, sincere, consistent, clear, concise, and direct interactions with one another.

We are committed to collaborative and innovative idea generation with a focus on providing context, following through, and executing.

We are committed to the timely and meaningful acknowledgement of each other’s achievements. We are fully aware of an individual’s contribution to the bigger picture.

We are committed to providing a workplace that is built on mutual respect, understanding, and spirit of collaboration and community. We expect an environment that is focused on inclusion and achievement with an emphasis on doing it right.

Human Capital Values