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Whether you’re just showing up or showing off, there’s a spot for you in our recreational and competitive leagues. All league winners receive a coveted Intramural Sports Championship t-shirt as well as bragging rights on campus. 

IM Sports Pass.

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In order for an eligible student to participate in Intramural Sports activities, they must first purchase the Intramural Sports pass. The Intramural Sports Pass can be purchased on IMLeagues in the following formats:

  • $45 Year Pass - Students can purchase a year pass for $45 at the beginning of the Fall semester through Thanksgiving. This pass gives students all-access to Intramural Sports activities, events and programs for the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Students can register a single gender and a co-rec team in as many sports as they would like to play each semester. The offerings for the upcoming semesters can be found below.
  • $25 Semester Pass - Students can purchase a semester pass for $25 at the beginning of each semester. This is ideal for students who will graduate at the end of the fall semester or for students studying abroad one semester. Students can register a single gender and a co-rec team in as many sports as they would like to play each semester.
  • $15 IM Team Pass - Students can purchase an IM team pass for each team they would like to compete in per semester. This pass is ideal for students only interested in playing on a single team per semester. Students that purchase a Team Pass can upgrade to a Semester or Year Pass at any point. Students that wish to play on multiple teams in one sport are encouraged to purchase the semester pass. 
  • Summer Pass - Students enrolled summer classes can participate in all Intramural Sports activities for $5. Students not enrolled in summer classes (graduating and returning students) must first purchase a Rec Sports Summer membership in order to become eligible for Summer Intramural Sports. Once purchased, students can purchase the Summer Pass for an additional $5. 

The Competitive Sports Department keeps team fees low for all students while also giving the students more opportunity to play for less. By utilizing an Intramural Sports Pass, the Competitive Sports Department is able to shift the financial burden from one captain to all students on the team.

Click here to view more information about the pass. 

IM Registration Deadlines

Last Day to Register

Sport Date
Preseason Basketball 1/24
FYE Glow in the Dark Volleyball 1/24
Broomball 1/24
Basketball 1/24
Winter Carnival Games 1/24
Preseason Futsal 1/24
Futsal 1/31
3v3 Pond Hockey Tournament 1/31
Preseason Volleyball 1/31
Indoor Volleyball 2/7
Racquetball Play by Date 2/7
Ice Hockey 2/21
Tennis Play by Date 3/7
3 Point Shootout 3/14
4v4 Flag Football Tournament 3/28
4v4 Sand Volleyball 3/28
Softball Tournament 3/28
Pickle Ball 3/28
Golf Tournament 4/11
Sink the SERF 4/11
11v11 Soccer Tournament 4/18

Sports Offered.

We offer over 25 sports and activities throughout the year. Sports vary by semester and may not be offered every year. Register yourself or your team on IMLeagues.

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Find all sport rules, schedules, team rosters, and results on the IMLeagues website. For instructions on how to activate your account (first-time participants only) or how to register to play, click on the links below.

First-Time Participants

Captains and Individual Sports

Join a Team

Free Agents

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Battle ship

Play for Fun or Play to Win

A Division

The A Division is intended for those teams that have had some experience with organized play in that sport. This league is designed for teams whose primary objective is to win games. Players in this league generally have played high school varsity sports and remain active in that sport; their Intramural Sports teams may even hold practices.

B Division

The B Division is designed for teams whose primary objective is to enjoy Intramural Sports and to have fun; winning is secondary. Most players on these teams have not played at the varsity level and may be slightly active in the sport. Most teams that have never played together before or are first-time participants are better suited to play in the recreational league.

C Division

The C Division is designed for teams whose primary objective is to enjoy Intramural Sports and to have fun AND competition is not a factor. Players are interested in the social aspect of sport, teamwork and camaraderie. Teams in the C Division WILL NOT enter a playoff bracket and will not play for an Intramural Championship T-Shirt. Instead, they will receive two (2) additional regular season games in the spirit of recreation and activity. Teams can expect 6 games for the season.


For some sports, an ‘Open’ league will be the only division offered as the amount of space available and number of teams dictate only one league offering. The Open league will have a mix of both competitive and recreational players.

Go to IMLeagues.

Employment Opportunities.

We hire student officials for basketball, broomball, flag football, floor hockey, futsal, ice hockey, soccer, softball, and volleyball. 
Visit our Employment Page for more details.

No experience? No problem. We offer extensive training for officials. 

Session Date Location Time
Officials Info Session 1/17 SERF 261 7pm - 9pm
Basketball Rules Clinic 1/18 Nat 1140 & 1190 7:30pm - 10:30pm
Basketball Field Clinic 1/19 SERF Gym 1 or 2 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Basketball Make Up Rules & Field Clinic 1/22 SERF 261 & Gym 1 7pm - 10pm
Basketball Preseason Tournament 1/23 SERF Gym 1 & 2 6:30pm - 12am
Broomball Rules/Field Clinic 1/24 Shell 7pm - 9:30pm
Basketball Preseason Tournament 1/24 SERF Gym 1 & 2 6:30pm - 12am
Futsal Rules/Field Clinic 1/25 SERF 261 & Gym 3 7pm - 9:30pm
Futsal Rules/Field Clinic 1/29 SERF 261 & Gym 3 7pm - 10pm
Volleyball 1/31 Nat 1140 & Gym 3 7:30pm - 10pm
Futsal Preseason Tournament 1/31 SERF Gym 3 6:30pm - 12am
Volleyball Preseason Tournament 2/7 Nat Gym 3 7pm - 11pm
Ice Hockey Rules Clinic 2/20 SERF 261 7:30pm - 9pm
Ice Hockey Field Clinic 2/22 Shell TBA
Softball Rules Clinic 4/3 Nat 1140 7pm - 9pm
Softball Field Clinic 4/4 UBAY 5:30pm - 7pm
4v4 Flag Football Rules Clinic 4/5 Nat 1140 7pm - 9pm
4v4 Flag Football Field Clinic 4/6 NE 7pm - 9pm
11v11 Soccer Rules/Field Clinic 4/18 Nat 1140 7pm - 9pm
11v11 Soccer Rules Clinic 4/19 Nat Media Room 5pm - 7pm

Badger Student Officials' Association. 

Up your game.

The Badger Student Official’s Association (BSOA) is a student organization that focuses on the development of officiating skills in a variety of sports. Members are able to attend monthly meetings that deal with rules, case plays, and video tools to help advance member’s officiating skills. The association also has connections to area youth and high school athletics contests that members are assigned to and officiate for pay.

Join the BSOA

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