Group Fitness.

Experience quality and be empowered in Rec Sports Group Fitness classes. 

With over 100 classes offered each week at the SERF and Natatorium, the Group Fitness program offers fun and energizing workouts. Our instructors provide modifications for all fitness levels. Choose from a wide variety of class formats to stay motivated as you pursue your fitness goals. 


Class Schedules

Group Fitness Memberships

Purchase a Group Fitness Membership for unlimited access to our Group Fitness classes. Memberships are sold online or at the SERF and Nat Member Services Offices. Rec Sports membership required for purchase. Please note that the group fitness program is subject to changes and breaks due to the academic and campus calendar.

Class Descriptions

box blast

Box Blast

An intense non-contact workout. Kick and punch your way to a stronger body while challenging your aerobic and muscular fitness. Fun and easy to learn!


Cardio Interval

Incorporates creative cardio movement combinations and high energy intervals to get your feet moving and your heart pumping. Finish class with a muscular conditioning segment for a total body workout. Get ready to MOVE!

cinema spin

Cinema Spin

Experience big-screen entertainment while your instructor takes you on a motivating ride! 



Spin your way to fitness with a challenging ride set to motivating music. Cycling Plus is 75 minutes. For all Cycling classes, make sure you pick up a bike ticket from Member Services within 30 minutes before the start of class to reserve your spot.

Photo of Deepwater Group Fitness class.Deep Water

A refreshing no-impact alternative to land cardiovascular workouts. Class offers cardio and muscular conditioning by using the natural resistance of the water. Buoyancy belts and props are used to add variety to the workout. Explore new depths of fitness!

group strength

Group Strength

A muscular-conditioning workout that uses free-weights and other fitness equipment. Instructors lead you through traditional and non-traditional exercises to improve your muscle strength and fitness level. Experience it once and you'll be hooked! 



Yes, you can get rock-hard abs. In just 30 minutes, challenge your core (abs and back) like never before!



(High Intensity Interval Training) This workout integrates intervals of high intensity cardiovascular work with muscular conditioning utilizing a weighted bar and other equipment. Get ready to HIIT a new level of fitness! 



A combination of Yoga and Pilates with a fitness twist. Build total body muscular strength, improve balance and increase flexibility. A workout from the inside out! Although fitness mats are provided, you are encouraged to bring your own yoga mat. 



A high intensity interval workout of tabatas (exercises performed for eight rounds of 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of rest). Tabatas are followed by active recovery. Get in, get fit, get out!



Ease your mind while improving flexibility, strength and body awareness. Incorporates varied methods such as Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga. Yoga Plus is 75 minutes.   



A Latin-based workout that integrates dance and exercise while moving to international beats. Come feel the music, join the fun and forget you are working out! No dance experience required. Zumba Plus is 75 minutes.  

Group Fitness Policies:

  • Participants must be 18 years or older to participate in Group Fitness classes.
  • Athletic footwear is required for all Group Fitness classes, except Yoga, Powerflow, and Water classes. 
  • Group Cycling and Deep Water participants must pick up a class ticket at the SERF or Natatorium Member Services Office up to 30 minutes prior to the start of class. Limit one per person. Present your ticket to the instructor upon entry to class. Cycling classes are limited to 28 riders at the SERF and 20 riders at the Natatorium. 
  • A minimum of five participants is required for all classes to be held.

Small Group Training.

Receive the training benefits of Personal Training for a lower cost.

Small Group Training is a unique opportunity to receive one-on-one attention from a personal trainer while working out with others who share similar fitness goals. Your trainer will lead you through a structured series of workouts while providing feedback on your technique and form. Come prepared to learn, sweat, and be motivated!

Get Fit

Learn proper techniques to begin your fitness development and build confidence as you introduce fitness into your life. No workout experience is necessary for this class. Get ready for an inviting and encouraging environment with other participants looking to GET FIT!

Student: $64  Affiliate: $88

Designed for:

  • Participants with little or no fitness base


  • None

Class Components:

  • Learn proper techniques to give you confidence as you build your fitness base
  • Learn how to use fitness equipment and begin a fitness routine 
  • Length is 45 minutes

Try For Free:

  • Monday, October 26: 5:15 - 6pm
  • Tuesday, October 27: 5 - 5:45pm
  • Wednesday, October 28: 5:15 - 6pm
  • Thursday, October 29: 5 - 5:45pm

Metabolic Conditioning

Channel your inner athlete! Challenge your body like never before with this fast-paced class. Our trainers will push you to discover new limits with this tough workout. Watch the class in action.


Student: $64    Affiliate: $88

Designed for:

  • Participants with a high level of fitness (cardio and strength) 


  • Established fitness routine

Class Components:

  • Drills to improve power, speed and coordination
  • Use of equipment such as TRX, ViPR, Kettlebells and battle ropes
  • Length is 60 minutes

Try For Free:

  • Monday, October 26: 6:15 - 7:15pm
  • Tuesday, October 27: 6 - 7pm
  • Wednesday, October 28: 6:15 - 7:15pm
  • Thursday, October 29: 6 - 7pm

Mind-Body Studio.

Experience flow and balance in a studio environment right on campus.

Our Mind-Body Studio program offers yoga and pilates classes that have limited enrollment so that each participant can receive individualized attention. Develop body awareness, strength, flexibility and balance in an intimate, small group setting.  


Sunrise Outdoor Yoga

Start your mornings at Allen Centennial Gardens with Sunrise Outdoor Yoga. This class is designed to energize the body and stimulate the mind. We will explore different poses to help strengthen and balance the body, adding variations and challenges along the way to keep the mind engaged. With a Vinyasa flow to ground the practice, each class will allow opportunity to expand upon the familiar, while still allowing our sense of curiosity to take us to beyond. Whether you're a ritualized and regular yogi, or brand new to the mat, this class will leave you feeling more open and connected -- a perfect way to start the day! 

$5/ 4-week session

Designed for:

  • Any UW-Madison faculty, staff, students or Rec Sports members interested in starting the day with yoga


  • None

Class Components:

  • Vinyasa-based flow
  • Movements that strengthen and balance the body

empower yoga 

Empower Yoga

Focus on building strength in the body, mind, and spirit to facilitate empowerment. Bring your breath, energy, and your best intentions.

Student: $64    Affiliate: $88

Designed for:

  • Participants looking to cultivate inner power and find freedom in self


  • None

Class Components:

  • Poses to encourage you to stand in your own power
  • Movements that honor your most authentic self and open your heart to unrealized potential


Pilates Powerhouse

Inspired by the Pilates Method, this class is designed to build core strength, and enhance stability, control and alignment of the entire body. We will work with various Pilates techniques and adaptations to find, deeper, more effective muscle engagement, as well as a better awareness and connection to our bodies.

Student: $64    Affiliate: $88

Designed for:

  • Participants interested in improving overall movement and strength through a focus on the core 


  • None

Class Components:

  • Powerhouse (core) development and strengthening
  • Strength and endurance for the whole body
  • Alignment exercises to improve posture and straighten the body
  • Breathing techniques

balanced body yoga 

Balanced Body Yoga

Explore your physical and mental "edge" through a variety of balance poses in this Vinyasa-based practice. Together we will work to find new places of intensity and challenge, as the practice heats and energizes our bodies. You'll leave with an open heart, clear mind, and a readiness to take on the day! 

Student: $64    Affiliate: $88

Designed for:

  • Participants seeking a hightened sense of balance for the body and spirit


  • None

Class Components:

  • Vinyasa-based flow
  • Exploration of various balance poses and counter-poses to gain a greater sense of stability and equilibrium

Try For Free:

  • Monday, November 2: 7 - 8am
  • Wednesday, November 4: 7 - 8am

Stress Relief Yoga 

Yoga for Stress Relief

Release tension and stress from the body and mind. The sense of calm and peace you create in class will carry throughout your day.

Student: $64    Affiliate: $88

Designed for:

  • Participants seeking a calming practice to refocus and refresh


  • None

Class Components:

  • Postures and breathing techniques that promote relaxation and stress reduction
  • Practice of mindfulness
  • Exploration of strategies for cultivating ease, peace, mental calmness and composure


Personal Training.

Customized training plans to help you reach your fitness goals.

Personal training is an individualized approach to overall health and fitness improvement. Our nationally certified personal trainers work with you to create workouts that reflect your interests and goals, regardless of whether you're training for performance or just starting out. Sessions may take place at the SERF, Nat, or Shell depending on your preference and space availability. 

fitness assessment 

Assessment & Exercise Planning

This is the first step in the Personal Training process and is required before purchasing Personal Training sessions. We will assess your current fitness level and work with you to create an appropriate training plan to fit your lifestyle, schedule, and goals. A more comprehensive fitness program is available for clients who purchase at least six training sessions.

Student: $40    Affiliate & Community: $45

Designed for:

  • Participants interested in beginning a personal training program
  • Participants interested in an analysis of current fitness level


  • None

Assessment Components May Include:

  • Blood pressure test
  • Body composition analysis
  • Cardiovascular assessment
  • Flexibility analysis
  • Health and lifestyle history
  • Muscular strength and endurance analysis
  • Creation of a training program  
  • Assessment is 90 minutes

body composition assessment 

Body Composition Assessment

This assessment will measure body composition, a body weight ratio of fat mass to lean mass. 

Student: $10    Affiliate & Community: $15

Designed for:

  • Anyone interested in learning more about his or her body composition


  • None

Assessment Components:

  • Measurements taken by skin-fold calipers or bioelectric impedance methods
  • Assessment is 15 minutes

photo of semi-private personal training 

Semi-Private Personal Training

Now you can enjoy the benefits of Personal Training in a drop-in format. Take advantage of our private training studios, with individual workouts created just for you! All sessions are monitored by a nationally certified Personal Trainer, at 40% off the price of individual personal training.

Student: $120 Affiliate: $144

Updated pro-rated class fees (November 12, 2015):
Student: $90 Affiliate: $108

How it works:
  • Register for a four-week program that meets twice per week
  • Choose EITHER morning OR afternoon sessions
  • Mornings: Mondays and Wednesdays, 9am - noon
  • Afternoons: Mondays and Wednesdays: 1 - 3:30pm
Designed for:
  • Beginner to advanced fitness levels
  • Anyone looking for direction and motivation for his or her fitness routine
  • None
Session components:
  • Customized training to fit your goals
  • 60-minute sessions monitored by a personal trainer
  • Session drop-in limited to six people at a time
  • No makeups for missed sessions

personal training individual 

Personal Training: Individual

Work with a trainer one-on-one to reach your fitness goals. 



Affiliate & Community

1 session



3 sessions



6 sessions



12 sessions



Designed for:

  • Beginner to advanced fitness levels
  • Anyone looking for direction and motivation in his or her fitness routine


  • Complete a fitness assessment

Session Components:

  • Customized training to fit your goals
  • Sessions are 45 - 60 minutes 

personal training partner 

Personal Training: Partner

You and a friend receive customized workouts from one of our trainers.

Per Person:



Affiliate & Community

3 sessions



6 sessions



12 sessions



Designed for:

  • Beginner to advanced fitness levels
  • Anyone looking for direction and motivation in his or her fitness routine
  • Participants who enjoy training with a friend


  • Complete a Fitness Assessment

Session Components:

  • Customized training to fit your goals
  • Sessions are 60 minutes


Personal Training Cancellation Policy:

  • Client must call the member office and the personal trainer to cancel
  • Cancellations must occur at least 12 hours in advance (failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of that session)

Workplace Workouts.

We bring the workout to you.

Many of us spend much of our day sitting at a desk. Our Workplace Workout program gives you a reason to take a break, get up, and move. We send our personal trainers out on campus to lead you through weekly lunchtime workouts and exercises that you can do anywhere. All fitness levels and abilities are welcome, and you do not need to be a member of Rec Sports to participate.

Workplace workout

Find a Workout

We meet weekly at various campus locations.


Designed for:

  • UW faculty and staff members (you do not need to be a member of Rec Sports to participate)
  • All fitness levels


  • None

Class Components:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Cardio
  • Balance
  • Classes are 45 minutes 

Fall Locations:

Group Fitness Outreach Services.

Arrange a private group fitness class for your group.

We offer private group fitness classes for UW student organizations, UW residence halls and UW departments. Request a class in our facilities (internal event) or in a space provided by your group (external event).

Internal Events (held in Rec Sports facilities)

Available class formats include Zumba, Yoga, Powerflow, core training, Tabata, HIIT, Box, Cardio Interval and Group Strength. Rates are $55 per hour and include instruction, space rental, fitness equipment and sound system. Users must have appropriate athletic footwear. Only water is permitted in the activity space and must be in enclosed containers. No other food or drink will be allowed. If you wish to photograph or video record the class, you must obtain prior permission from Rec Sports.
To request this service, submit the Group Fitness request form. You will be asked to include the following information:

  • Type of class requested
  • Date/time of class
  • Expected number of participants

External Events (held in a space provided by the group)

Rates are $40 per hour. Class formats available include Zumba, yoga, powerflow, core training and tabata.
To request this service, submit the Group Fitness request form. You will be asked to include the following information:

  • Type of class requested
  • Date/time of class
  • Location of the space (street address, building name and room number/name)
  • Sound capabilities (i.e. wireless microphone availability, type of audio connections for music)
  • Type of flooring (carpet, wooden floors, etc.)
  • Expected number of participants

Please read through the Rental Policies Manual. Questions about special events and reservations can be sent to

Employment Opportunities.

We hire students to become Group Fitness instructors and certified personal trainers who motivate our members to stay fit and healthy. Visit our Employment Page for more details.

No experience? No problem. We offer extensive training and a mentor program for all fitness employees. We also offer an ACE® Personal Trainer Exam Prep Course for aspiring trainers.