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As a Rec Sports member, you have access to both short-term and long-term locker use.

Day Use

All facilities have available lockers for your use during your period of activity. These lockers are clearly marked “For Day Use Only” and can be secured with a personal lock or a rental lock from the towel exchange.


These lockers must be vacated at the completion of the activity period.  Locks left on overnight will be removed; the contents of the locker will be stored in the Towel Room (SERF and NAT) or the Pro Shop (CRSC and Nielsen Tennis Stadium) and a $15 service charge will be assessed. If not claimed within 60 days, the contents will be disposed.

Long-Term Use


Duration Tall Small
4-Month $25 $20
8-Month $50  $40 
12-Month $65  $50 
Daily $1  $1 


Term  Duration Tall Small
Fall  8/24/14-12/19/14 $25 $20
Spring 1/1/15-5/15/15  $25  $20 
Academic  8/24/14-5/15/15 $50  $40 
Annual 8/24/14-8/21/15  $65  $50 
Summer 5/18/15-8/21/15  $25  $20 
Daily   $1  $1 



CRSC Ice Arena Lockers 

Period Dates Tall Small
Fall 8/24/14-12/30/14 --  $20
Spring 1/1/15-5/15/15 --  $20 
Academic 8/24/14-5/15/15 $50  $40 

SERF locker dimensions: Tall – 12”x10”x 72”     Half – 12”x10”x36”
NAT locker dimensions: Tall – 12”x10”x 72”     Half – 12”x10”x12”
CRSC locker dimensions: Tall – 12”x10”x12”     Small – 12”x10”x12”
Nielsen Tennis Stadium locker dimensions: Tall – 12”x10”x12”     Small – 12”x18”x24”
Small lockers at the Nielsen Tennis Stadium are suitable for storage of playing equipment and other belongings.